Say hello to the new Felix v2…

Based on initial customer feedback (from folks like Euronews and NME), we decided to get our crayons out and redraw many of the core interface elements so that we could strip it back for speed and provide better controls on the content that we render.

What does this mean?

Well, for starters v2 is now smoother, faster, more Pinterest-like and a heck of a lot easier to implement. We’re hoping the former means even greater levels of audience engagement than the x2 gains we were already delivering. The latter means, um, we can start faster – giving content publishers of all stripes the ability to deliver a platform-like UI with just a snippet of code.

And the content control bit means we can now inject (good!) ads and promotional units into all levels of the user journey in a snap! This part is super cool, because we are now delivering extra monetisation and data acquisition opportunities across the Felix environment.

The screens above give you a feel. We’ll be seeing them live on a number of different sites in the next few days. Long live Felix v2!!!

(And congrats to all the team. It’s been a busy couple of months here, behind the scenes.)