Back in December 2017 I bumped into Marc and his kids in the cinema foyer after watching The Last Jedi.

I hadn’t seen him since he was building a man cabin in his back yard a year or so before. We promised to get a beer.

Predictably we blew out a few times, but when we did meet up it was February and snowing and I had a bee in my bonnet.

‘Have you seen much of this Graph stuff?’ I said. I’d done a meeting earlier in the month with Elsevier and the penny had finally dropped.

Marc shrugged. He tends to do that a lot with me.

‘Are you bored?’ I asked. ‘I mean, like, with work?’

We bought another beer or two.

Fast forward to May and we have a new business on our hands.

I’ve been trying to get to work with Marc for a long time. He was one of my first clients at my first proper business, Content and Motion. Ten years ago I was rattling on about Facebook while he was Commercial Director at Pure360. He used to give me a hard time about signing my cheques. We got along like a house on fire.

Now we’re talking about search and Ai and we’re both incredibly excited about the things we can do. Mark does product, I do design. We both see a huge opportunity to help the brands and publishers make better commercial investments in technology and their customer experience.

Our aim is to help them to become a destination again: to help them cut some cords from their dependency on Facebook et al. This is a challenge. Content publishers no longer own their customer’s journey. They’ve become hopping off points within the flow of a newsfeed – and they’re feeling the burn. Advertising revenue is moving in the wrong direction for publishers; attention is moving away from brands and onto platforms – even though it’s their content that enriches the value of the newsfeed. We’d like help them solve some of that challenge.

And we’re confident we can.

Over the years we’ve both been fortunate enough to work with some great tech companies. I still work with one of them, Squiz – where until recently I was part of the management team.

So, here goes. It’s fun to be back in the game, writing launch blog posts at the kitchen table. I hope you’ll tune in for the occasional update and I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in what we’re gunning for. Ding me via our contact form. You know how exciting it is when it’s early days and you get a new message, right?

(PS: thank you Squiz for your ongoing support. Love you x. Looking forward to lots of new licence fees.)