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“Felix is quick, easy and great. The response blew us away: our engagement doubled overnight.”

Keith Walker, Digital Director

  1. Create Your Content

    Either start from scratch, adding your copy and images in a series of simple steps - or plug in your source article URL (or even your entire content feed!)... and SHAZAAAM! You're in business!

  2. Noodle and Tweak

    Check what Felix has done. BAM! Your content transformed into cool new video, audio, Insta story formats and added to your discovery collections. Swap an image or two. Add a GIF. Buff that copy again...

  3. Go Forth! Engage!

    Download and share your new content formats on Social Media. Embed them on your article pages. Give your audiences more fun things to engage with and pass around...

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More Bang For Buck

Double down on content recirculation: generate new content formats, make your pages more engaging, make your Social Media stick.

Effective Acquisition

Generate deeper engagement with your best content, right across your sites and Social Media channels.

Ai Automated

Zero editorial overhead: new content formats are 100% Ai-driven, programmatic and blazing fast.


Easy to Create & Share

Ready for immediate sharing on social, or delivered right into your existing page templates: no extra production costs.


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