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Automagically transform your page content into an instant array of new, engaging formats to keep your audiences clicking, swiping, and tuning in for more...

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Felix automatically ingests and indexes your articles the moment they’re published

Felix Transformations

Felix’s Ai-Engine processes your content and transforms it into an array of rich new, embeddable formats

Super-Engaged Pages

...via the delivery of swipeable stories, audio summaries, snackable video, article snippets and content discovery collections

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Felix turns high value, time-poor audiences into a focused, super-engaged following. Pretty much instantly.

Stephen Scott, Head of Marketing at DVV Media

Really smart… I’m adding this to our social & content strategy.

Tela, Founder at Permanence Labs

I was sceptical at first but this worked like charm.  Super easy to use.

Founder & CEO, Wificoin Inc

This is a brilliant concept. It opens up so many doors.

Founder at

Breaking Bad Audience Engagement Loops

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Typical content discovery, via Facebook, Google SERPs, WhatsApp, whatever else...

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Ave 20 seconds of attention, x1.5 page views (or fewer?) per session...

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When first content impressions don't stick, your heard-earned traffic leaks.

Felix's x3 Steps to Publisher Super-Engagement

  1. Get-Cut Through on Social

    Share your new, automated content promo formats across all your social channels, for a x2 uplift on clicks and traffic referrals

  2. Get Click-Through on Your Pages

    Embed your Felix video teasers and audio snippets on your pages - to arrest your bounce rates and enhance audience dwell time by a further factor of x2

  3. Double Your Page Views Per Session

    Lead your audiences through Felix's rich-mix discovery collections - to help users find more related content and dive deeper into your archives...

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