Deliver the Content Formats Your Audiences Love


Ai-powered, automated, CMS-agnostic and built for super-engagement... Felix indexes everything, delivering an array of cool new formats to your pages at blazing speed. No editorial workflow. No coding. Just x2 engagement, and moreā€¦

Indexing & Automations

Felix automates the ingestion and indexing of your content, the moment you create it.

Using an array of advanced Ai and ML, everything is intelligently and contextually grouped by topic and enriched with additional data before it is transformed into new, engaging content formats.

All of which are immediately embedded into your source page templates.

Audio Summaries

An automated, one-minute audio summary of your source content - using advanced speech synthesis to deliver a crystal-clear, radio-like commentary.

Listen to a sample:

Snackable Videos

An automated, one-minute slide-style video summary - using advanced image-matching to deliver a news stream-style visual presentation of your source content.

Discovery Collections

A new way to recirculate related articles and encourage users to dive deeper into related content categories, Felix collections can be embedded inline, on sidebars and as page footers. Each collection contains a rich mix of articles, audio, video and related category tiles.

Instagram-Style Stories

Optimised for mobile, a visual story slider - enabling users to swipe their way through your source content chapters, and discover further content via embedded Felix collections.