You know those crappy little content recommendation thingys you get at the base of a post or an article? Or, worse, those Outbrain / Taboola walls of shame (yeah, we’re looking at you Big Media)…?

They kind of suck, right?

But the principle is sound. Give your audiences a handy way of discovering their next nutritious bit of reading, watching, listening. If only those clusters of content were more star-studded and interesting.

Oh, but wait. There’s Felix…

Better? Hell yeah. Felix Collections deliver a much richer mix of engaging content – including all our cool little video formats. Fast? Totally – like, blazing load times. Relevant? Absolutely – we’ve totally re-engineered the whizzy algorithmic bit that handles it all.


Reasonably priced? Yes! Felix Collections come as standard on our Content Publisher plan and above – starting at £150 / month… which includes all of our audio, video and Instagram story transformations too.

Check out James’ new walk-though video above. It shows you how you can generate your first Collection in a nano-second, and then get it into your web pages about a minute later.