The Challenge

Social Media and Google own your customer journey - and when people do find your content they don't usually stick around...

40 mins

Average time spent per day on Facebook

20+ searches

Average number of Google sessions per day

20 seconds

Your average page dwell time, post-acquisition

Felix is quick, easy and great. The response blew us away: our audience engagement doubled overnight.

keith walker nme felix 2

Keith Walker, Digital Director @ NME

Felix is an Audience Gravity Field

Don’t send them back to Facebook or Google (or off to…

Felix generates more page views per session and doubles the $$ ad value of your traffic by delivering brilliant new discovery experiences and content ‘rabbit holes’

Less Bounce to the Ounce:

Better Monetization

Double down on content and ad recirculation: generate new user sessions and more page views

Effective Discovery

Generate deeper engagement with your best content, right across your apps and sites

Ai Automated

Felix has zero editorial overhead: user experiences are 100% Ai-driven and programmatic

One Line of Code

Felix is delivered right into your existing templates: no extra dev costs and total brand control

Progressive UX

Felix delivers a range of responsive UXs, designed for maximum engagement, discovery and dwell time...

  • Optimised for mobile / desktop
  • Pre-packaged for rapid deployment
  • Fit for brand templates
  • Choose from range of UIs
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  • Progressive UX
  • New Session Generation

    Widgetised implementation moves audiences onto key content categories (eg: ‘iPhone Reviews’ or ‘Brexit’) and into higher engagement UXs...

    • Via single line of code
    • Fully automated UIs
    • Provisioned remotely
    • Direct into your existing templates
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  • New Session Generation
  • Index Everything

    Felix activates all of your content, regardless of where it lies. Deliver content experiences drawn from...

    • Multiple brand sites
    • Brand social profiles
    • 3rd party content
    • Ad and promo platforms
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  • Index Everything
    • Goals and Metrics

      Felix helps improve your traffic performance by reducing bounce rates and generating more page views-per-session...

      Halve your bounce rates

      Double your page views

      Maximise the value of your traffic


      Transparent tiers, geared for your upside and a clear ROI on engagement...

      £300 /mo
      (Billed Annually)
      Single Site Deployment
      Standard Felix UIs
      On-Page Widget Suite
      Full Analytics Integration
      £1,300 /mo
      (Billed Annually)
      x5 Site Deployment
      Advanced Felix UIs
      On-Page Widget Suite
      Full Analytics Integration
      £X /Call Us
      (Billed Annually)
      Multi-Site Deployment
      Bespoke Felix UIs
      On-Page Widget Suite
      Full Analytics Integration